What is Physie?

Physie is a dance and exercise class. Each age group learns 5-6 new routines each year. The routines are choreographed to contemporary music and are a cross section of different styles of dance such as aerobics, ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.

Who can do Physie?

Physie is a sport for girls. Girls can start as young as 3 years in our tinies class and we have ladies well into their 60s still enjoying their Physie. Physie suits all types of girls. There is no prerequisite to enjoy this unique sport.

We also offer a Novice Ladies class for ladies that have never tried Physie or have been out of the sport for more than 15 years.

Can I try Physie before committing to join?
Yes. At Balgowlah Physie we offer your first 2 lessons obligation free. You can watch or participate in a class to see what it’s like before committing to join our club.
What do I wear to Physie?
Girls can wear any leotard or gym pants with a fitted top. Physie is done in bare feet.
How many times a week do you go to class?
Weekday classes are the main class for each age group. Saturday classes are offered from February – June for those girls who would like some extra help in learning the syllabus. Saturday practices become a team practice in the back half of the year. Please click here to see the class schedule by age group.
Do you have to do competitions?
No – competitions are not compulsory. There are 2 separate competitions each year – individual competitions and team competitions. At Balgowlah Physie, every effort is made to include every girl in a team.
How much does Physie cost?
Physie is a very affordable sport, with a very reasonable price per lesson. Physie classes are offered during the school term as well as the April, June and September school holidays. Classes work out at about $8 per lesson.
How many students are in each class?
At Balgowlah Physie every effort is made to keep the ratio of teacher to students at about 1:15 in the junior classes. If we find a class is bigger than expected, an assistant teacher will be allocated to that class.
Can boys do Physie?
Boys are not excluded from Physie, however, at this point in time we do not have any boys doing Physie at Balgowlah club.
How old do you need to be to start Physie?
Usually 3-year-olds are able to cope with our tinies class. This class is designed to teach girls to concentrate, build confidence in performing and start to teach the basic Physie positions. At Balgowlah Physie, the first 2 lessons are obligation free, so the best way to gauge if a girl is ready for the tinies class is to come along and try it out.
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